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In SLC going to RNO. Family arrives at gate- son and male parent in minion's one-sies. How sweet. Mother is dressed in normal everyday clothes. Flight is delayed due to storm. I was in the sky club but made sure I was in the gate area incase their was clearance to take off. Clearly they were not. They arrived just as boarding the extra time and infants began (mind you 40 min late). Father went up to single GA and asked if there was time to get food as it was almost noon and his soon was hungry (plenty of FF around in D gates). She replied, "As soon as I fully board the plane its leaving as its now 40 min late and will be 60 plus late when it departs". He makes a loud announcement that she is starving a diamond member who is a minion and his son. Fellow traveler replied "I'm ok to starve minions as long as we get out sooner as we are late." Applause all around the gate.
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