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Originally Posted by johan rebel View Post
An e-mail just in from Privium included a link to a questionnaire:

"Together with the University of Amsterdam, Schiphol is working on new techniques to optimise security screening. Your experiences as a regular guest are very valuable in this respect! Do you have 5 to 10 minutes to answer a few questions? Your privacy is of course guaranteed."

A very peculiar survey!

"We now ask you four brief questions about the purpose of your next flight. There will be no follow-up or clarification questions. Your task is to provide answers that are detailed and convincing of your travel purpose. Imagine someone would need to make a decision based on your answers and decide whether you receive fast-lane security or not."

"Please describe the purpose of your flight to xxx in as much detail as possible.* Be as convincing as possible."

"What proof can you provide that you are flying to xxx for Holiday (and not just any other purpose)?* Be as convincing as possible. "

"What did the planning for the purpose of your trip (Holiday) look like in reverse order? (begin with what you did last and move back in time)?* Be as convincing as possible."

"What did you not tell anybody else about your Holiday trip?* Be as convincing as possible."

Anybody who thinks I will sumbit to a cross-examination to be allowed to use Fast Track needs to have his head examined.

Needless to say, the only answer they got out of me was Alt+F4.

This line of questioning is frankly insulting

I would have taken the trouble to fill out each box with "None of your business"
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