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Originally Posted by altabello View Post
As a non-parent, I also do what I can when I can, which includes reclining. The person in front of me reclines, so I will have to as well, if I want to be able to see the IFE or use my laptop. It's nice to show compassion, and I've switched seats for families before, however, you're not advocating for compassion, but demand accommodation.
Red type, multiple posts of the same rant, attacking parents...

Did you realize you were posting in the TRAVEL WITH CHILDREN forum?

Being able to recline your seat is not guaranteed. There are multiple rows on some aircraft that do not recline. For example, the row directly in front of the exit rows on some aircraft will not recline.

There are a lot of reasons why people need a little extra out of life once in a while. Maybe it's being able to safely install a child safety seat on an RJ, maybe it's having someone hold a door open when you've got luggage, or a thousand other small things that make a difference to someone. You can either show a little humanity in this life, or rant about "sick of entitled parents" in a situation that ZERO impact on you.
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