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Originally Posted by rollthere View Post
Thanks for the info Pablo. Where did you get that by the way? Are these just painful lessons you've learned over the years or are the various earning rates actually available somewhere (just not on the LATAM site!)? So then why on the LATAM colored chart do all Premium Business fares have either Access 200% or Flex 300% yet apparently the I fare only earns 150%? On the colored chart the only 150% is for Premium Economy!
The entire program has just been changed & it seems that the only constant is that the earning of 'Elite Points' as they are now known, still varies by country, depending on where you are registered. The website states that "Elite Points are calculated based on the distance you fly on LATAM and oneworld airline flights, multiplied by a percentage that varies depending on the cabin class, fare category and flight that you choose", followed by the table for your country.
Now the hard part is that not many at Latam seem to understand the new program, even their programmers! eg. I flew Business Flex from GRU-LIM-MIA return & then GRU-SCL return last month & got different 'Elite Points' on each & every leg. Unless you're earning additional 'Elite Points' if your plane is forced to circle before landing, there's obviously a problem there! I also earned MORE 'Elite Points' flying GRU-MCP return in economy than I did on the GRU-SCL business flex legs, which whilst roughly the same distance, shouldn't be the same multiplier.

So in summary, your reading of the website is correct, Pabloco seems to be quoting the old numbers & Latam have no idea what they are doing!

Good luck!
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