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Originally Posted by road2elysium View Post
Just discovered cashback portal According to cashbackmonitor, it's the only cashback portal that is currently listed for Nordstrom.

Jewel's schtick compared to other cashback portals is an exclusive focus on luxury brands. In theory, this allows them to offer cash back on luxury brands that wouldn't want to be associated with other non-luxury brands otherwise.
  • New Users: Referrals provide $5 credit to the person using the link.
  • Referrers receive $5 credit, after referral makes a qualified purchase ending in at least $10 in cashback.
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If you're a new user AND you make a qualified purchase ending in at least $10 in cashback, please post that you used the previous referral link, and post your own referral link.

I used your referral link to sign up and made what should be a qualifying purchase. 8% cashback at Indochino was the best available by far.
My referral link:
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