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That should work. Not sure about the Finale, but the Cosco Scenera does fit on embraers. We've done it. two sceneras can nest together and be secured with a bungee cord for transporting through the terminal and onto the plane. You may be able to nest your current seats and bungee them together, too.

Try to get a bulkhead seat if you're going to rear-face your toddler. Or at least bring along a Starbucks gift card or something for the person sitting in front of the toddler, since the carseat will prevent their seat from reclining.

You can definitely have to car seats next to each other on a plane. You just have to make sure they both are in the outermost seats and not blocking any other non-carseat passengers from exiting. Your arrangement is compatible with this, so you should have no problems.
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