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Hi all,
This is my first post in FT, and I'm pretty new to this. I've been skimming the thread and I think it's really interesting. I am based in Austin and I travel to London once or twice per year. I will have some free time in London all day Saturday May 5th - Tuesday May 8th, and I would love to use this time to do a 500+ TP run.

I have been learning the prices around that time exLondon, and I have been playing around with different itineraries. I want to only go through UK immigration once (they normally get sketchy when you enter the country multiple times in a short period of time), so I plan to take advantage of LHR's immigration-less connections.

Here's the current itinerary I have (I am writing since I am not allowed to post pictures since I am a new member):

London (LHR) to Manchester (MAN) — Fri, May 4 British Airways 1404 Business (I)
Manchester (MAN) to London (LHR) — Sat, May 5 British Airways 1389 Business (J)
London (LHR) to Bucharest (OTP) — Sat, May 5 British Airways 886 Business (R)
Bucharest (OTP) to London (LHR) — Sun, May 6 British Airways 885 Business (I)
London (LHR) to Amsterdam (AMS) — Sun, May 6 British Airways 434 Business (D)
Amsterdam (AMS) to London (LHR) — Mon, May 7 British Airways 423 Business (R)
London (LHR) to Istanbul (IST) — Mon, May 7 British Airways 676 Business
Istanbul (IST) to London (LHR) — Tue, May 8 British Airways 675 Business (I)
London (LHR) to Manchester (MAN) — Tue, May 8 British Airways 1388 Business (I)
Manchester (MAN) to London (LHR) — Tue, May 8British Airways 1399 Business (I)
I calculated 560TPs, which is ~ 2.98/TP.

Are there any specific routes I should look into that are valid during that time frame?

Thanks for all the stuff in the thread [=

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