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Originally Posted by rossmacd View Post
It is available in May-July, just not using the flight numbers I posted. You would need to change the flight numbers/routing to make it work, but perfectly doable
There goes my afternoon of working! I'm sure theres a magical way you do it quickly, but I'll resort to a pad, pen, and AA website to see what flights are going when!

Originally Posted by Misco60 View Post
Other threads exist for the smug "I know a great fare and I'm not telling you" sort of post. I'd like to think this thread is different.
You're right - there are threads that exist for the smug. And, there's even a while forum for Tips & Tricks. Once you understand it, it's extremely advantageous. It isn't easy to just pick up, so requires a bit of personal effort.

But, smugness and not wanting to close an open avenue, are very different.

You've been given a few tips further above in terms of what to look for. Sure, it will require additional reading and understanding, but that's the way FT works.

12 months ago, for example, I couldn't use Matrix. I was reliant on others to tell me precisely what to do, and fortunately there were helpful guides and tips on FT. If I needed specific help, others would happily message me back but only for very specific questions.

Fast forward, and I can happily use the site myself for the basics. It took time, but it's worth it, and means I can contribute fares if and when I see them.

That, is what a community teaches you.

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