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Be glad they let you know ahead of time. I have had to sit and wait past the normal check-in time and it's not fun. A heads up would have been appreciated. One hotel handled it well (Lavonia MI FS) and another hotel handled it so poorly after an hour I left and went to another Marriott property. The latter was a CY over the bridge from DC in VA, but I don't remember which one. If you really are planning to arrive at the hotel earlier, reach out to them and let them know. It is quite likely that they informed all expected guests of the issue but will have some rooms ready earlier. If everyone but a Plat and a PP adjusts to arriving later the hotel will likely be able to give you your room at the normal check-in time.

Count me among those who thinks $50 is too high, but heck, if the hotel is willing, take it.
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