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Take the job. Play/game the system.

I was in a similar position once.

By careful engineering, I got opup's approx 60% of all flights (and this actually sucked me into what flyertalk was back then..) - and generally got quite some bit backs.

With status, flying Y often isn't so bad - good chance of upgrades, lounge access, priority if anything goes wrong etc. - generally, you can play the system.

And if they pay you decently extra.. I'd take that.. MOST people would take 2k $ extra per month over 2 long haul flights (I know, two C flights cost more than 2k $ more than Y flights in average, but it's money into your pockets, not "slightly more comfort")

Have them fly you Y but get you an extra day on arrival.

Tell them that flying Y means you won't get any work done (but still write it down as work time) - a few beers and an exit row seat on paid hours aren't that bad
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