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Originally Posted by LiviLion View Post
What the actual .... does this have to do with BA.

And, you've been offered and extra 2k a month to make up for it - that is 40k before tax. Do you know where that would put you on the scale of highest earning in the UK.

MODS - I'm not sure if there is a considerably richer than you forum but can we get this to .....
Yes, 40k before tax, and about 20-25k after tax, as it'll certainly be in the 40% if not the 45% bracket. I'm not assuming anything about what you do here but as someone that works highly erratic hours I can tell you it's very tricky to explain to people that have a more balanced lifestyle just how much frequent timezone changes and erratic working patterns can affect your health if not managed properly. People tend not to understand this problem until they have actually experienced it themselves. And once they have they'll understand exactly why the Op wants a J travel policy.
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