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Originally Posted by LiviLion View Post
It might be a fair area for discussion but the BAEC forum isn't the correct place for it.
The OP did at the outset link this to the possibility to offset the Y-only policy with AUPs and so on. As we know nothing is guaranteed here, the way the ticket is booked can make a world of difference and this is very much relevant to BA. OP seems to have some investment in BA, and is UK based.

The money isn't everything either - I'm at an age and stage in my career where an extra 2k is not incentive enough to take this kind of thing on. That's not because I'm earning enough to spend my evenings quaffing DP with a wunch of bankers in the City either - indeed 2k after tax would represent a significant pay rise. Rather, it's that I value not having to spend time in an environment that on BA, in common with other airlines, has deteriorated and will continue to do so to the detriment of my wellbeing.
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