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Originally Posted by woodey View Post
So hereís the situation, Iím at the 3rd interview stage of a really good job. The package, role etc are all excellent but the company has an all Y travel policy, no exceptions, even the CEO travels Y (itís a large America company). Iím likely to need to travel long haul once a month and short haul once a month. Iím OK with the short haul Y, Iím used to that in my current job but long-haul Y then straight into a meeting seems brutal.

Iíve tried negotiating with them but thereís no give, they have offered me some more money (approx. £2,000 a month after tax) to compensate for the travel. I think the idea is I can use my own money to upgrade when I want to but theyíve been clear that the corporate travel department will only ever book me Y.

So, a couple of questions. Has anyone ever turned down a really good job because of the travel policy? And if I go for it Iíll be looking to AUP a couple of long-haul Y segments a month, about 24 a year. Will I run into problems with BA? I seem to remember threads about AUP where Ďthe computer says noí.

What the actual .... does this have to do with BA.

And, you've been offered and extra £2k a month to make up for it - that is £40k before tax. Do you know where that would put you on the scale of highest earning in the UK.

MODS - I'm not sure if there is a considerably richer than you forum but can we get this to .....
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