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my personal 7th or 8th circle of hell
"I may be going to Hell in a bucket, but at least I'll enjoy the ride!"

(Thanks for the set up there, aa213bb!)

The trip, and music, turned out to be spectacular of course. Dead and Company played Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, while Michael Franti and Spearhead played Friday night (and joined with Dead and Co on Saturday night for I Know You Rider).

Barcelo Maya Palace? What can I say: It was as expected (or maybe a little better). Our suite was fine, service overall was solid, sincere and friendly. Beach was warm and nice, and the many pool options were universally good. Alcohol for the all-inclusive was better than expected - premium spirits, solid beer selection: we did not drink any wine. Food was certainly better than acceptable at all of the many restaurants we tried.

The concert venue itself was excellent. For a band that sells out much larger venues, it was fun to be standing barefoot in the warm weather, on the sand or with your feet in the ocean, with only 5 or 6 thousand other people. It was an incredibly friendly crowd as well; we met and had fun with people from everywhere (it seemed) in the US.

Sound system was top notch - even on the windier first night we could hear well from all over the small venue.

All inclusive included the concert venue itself. They had a small army of wait staff constantly roaming (spoiling) the crowd with fresh beers, and frozen margaritas and daiquiris. A very large and good food area was also in the back of the venue in case you wanted a snack or even something more substantial. The al pastor was excellent.

Conclusion: If you are so inclined, I would suggest giving an event like this a try! (it seems like more and more bands and festivals are trying this format in Mexico and elsewhere). Luxurious trappings are certainly available, as it appears promoters recognize there are many out there with $$$ to spend, and a desire to see great music.

One more: If you like / liked The Dead, certainly go check out Dead and Co one night on their 20-somthing show tour this summer! Bob is in fabulous form, as are Bill and Mickey. Oteil Is a fantastic bass player, Chimenti is sublime on Piano / keys / Hammond b3 and plays so well with Mayer. And what can you say about John Mayer? He is incredibly talented, singing and on lead guitar, and he has truly embraced this group and music. No idea why he ever set foot in this neck of the music woods, but as a fan I am certainly glad that he did!

Fare thee well!

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