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My company has a flexible travel policy, with the provision that we must do what is in the best interests of the company (and, potentially, be ready to defend that). That probably makes more sense than an "only J" or "only Y" policy, since those don't take unique circumstances (such as unusually high fare differentials, flight timings, etc.) into account.

The way I apply this is to calculate my hourly wage by the number of hours of productivity the company will gain due to travel in a higher class of travel. For red-eye flights, I also count the extra night of hotel and expenses due to arriving a day early. Given the low differentials usually available for a higher class of travel, it almost always turns out to be cheaper for the company for me to travel LH in a higher class of travel. (Usually, the calculation means that SH in Y is cheaper, and that is fine.)

(They also let us book our own hotels, which I appreciate as I can often find cheaper rates than those available through the official travel agent.)

In general, the thing that would concern me most about a job with a rigid travel policy is the rigidity of their policies. I prefer places where common sense prevails over rigid policies. If they don't trust me to be able to apply common sense to travel, where else will they ignore my judgment in favor of rigid policies? (I'm not saying this applies to your job; however, that's what I would examine rather than focusing on the travel policy in isolation.)
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