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Being a Brit, it's easy to understand that the salary bump is a good one. It's obvious that the base salary is well into the 40% tax step, so a 2,000 net increase to cover the Y travel is close to 3,000 gross.

If the travel was a couple of times a year, sure, Y is fine. But once a month means a ton of jetlag and probably weekend flying. The money's no good when most of your off/family time is spent in airports or asleep! So for me, unless the job was amazing, it'd be easy to make my decision.

Flights are a business expense, so you've just been offered close to 3k to upgrade each monthly flight. Assuming (a) you're allowed to upgrade and (b) the tickets bought are upgradable then I'd take the job. You'll be swimming in status, and all your flights will be in J. However, if the tickets bought are not upgradeable or the company insists you sit in Y regardless, then for monthly LH flights I'd turn the job down.

This ignores any other travel policy limits such as only cheapo hotels etc.
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