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Originally Posted by LaneW View Post
I have to connect from GEG to SEA for most flights and have been delayed three times in two weeks and five times in the last three months due to ATC issues in Seattle. I have either missed connections or had to run to the gate. Its a recurring issue lately. This has been happening more and more frequently since last fall.

I get that AS does not control ATC - but why cant they figure out that they need to modify scheduling of flights to deal with it until SEA gets their act together? On two occasions, I have actually had to turn around an return home, missing an important client meeting (and costing me a lot of money). Complaints to AS only result in a token reply that they are working on it and thank me so much for being a 75K flyer..... Fed up with them.... Delta has pretty good GEG - SEA service now and, as much as I dislike them.......
Funny you would consider switching to DL given that they are partially to blame for the situation. That and itís winter. Little harsh, but not far from the truth - sorry.
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