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Originally Posted by jm0933 View Post
Seems like this should be better than Tito's anyway, although I don't profess to be a vodka expert.
I am not a vodka expert either, but I listened to an excerpt today of Marketplace Money about Vodka that mentioned that Vodka as a matter of law (regulation?) has to be

"‘neutral spirits so distilled, or so treated after distillation with charcoal or other materials, as to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color."

(Title 27, Section 5.22 of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Code)

I think this is the episode; I queued the full podcast for future enjoyment. For now I will assume that United is replacing one non-distinctive liquid with another one. And I'll take shelter awaiting the flaming from resident Vodka aficionados (again, remember, I am not a vodka expert/drinker)
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