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Originally Posted by Sariellet View Post
Does anyone know of a way to slightly extend the time to make a purchase after using Farelock?

Last week I found an incredibly good price for a trip which I may or may not need to make. The price was by far the lowest I have ever seen for this itinerary and this trip is now listed for over twice the cost that I saw last week.

Knowing that it was an exceptionally good price, I reserved it with a 7-day Farelock that expires at midnight tonight. I should know for sure if I need to take the trip by Thursday afternoon at the latest, and I may well know sooner. The problem is that this is past the 24-hour cancel period.

Is it possible to do things like select "pay by cash" after Farelock to get an extra 24-hours or so?
Not that I am aware of. You bought a 7-day Farelock (the longest UA offers, IME), and so you had 7 days. They do also allow you a full refund 24 hours after purchasing the fare, which pretty much adds an 8th day at no extra cost (beyond a loss of credit access for the fare amount while it is pending and before it is refunded). Don't know if pay by cash still exists, but even then, its always been midnight next day, which could give you pretty much 2 days if you timed it just right (i.e. made the purchase just after midnight on day 1, and then would have until day 2 at 11:59pm to pay).

Basically, the most you'll be able to get is by purchasing at the deadline, then using 24 hour flexible rebooking policy to cancel if it doesn't work out. Beyond that which IME is a pretty good length of time to hold a fare, you're out of luck.
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