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Dear all,

After numerous occasions of the above mentioned issues which I too experienced on various occasions, I decided to write a complain letter which is handled by the Royal Marechaussee. I was surprised that they responded and even requested to discuss with me on the phone which i did. I explained the different experiences I've had and noted especially the much too often secondary bag check, and I was told that they will look into this and took this complain seriously. I learned that for both T1/T2, they have one security company and for T3 another one. At least form my experience, the T1/T2 company seems to be more into this secondary check compared to T3 and more inconsistent with the person behind the monitor.
There were a couple of other points which I pointed out which only happens at AMS but not at other main airports, e.g LHR, FRA, CDG, etc and was informed that they will look into this including the training at these companies.

Anyway, at least my complain did not fall on deaf ears, which I hope will indeed be followed up.

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