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Another fantastic experience:

- as I stepped out of the elevator from the Privium lounge I saw a whole gaggle of regular pax being fed into the priority line.

- Secondary at both priority checkpoints was jammed.

- the agent who had just fed all those pax into the priority queue motioned me over to (regular) checkpoint 4, where the line was much shorter.

- there were two vacant tray loading stations, but to reach them I had to pass a second agent, who proceeded to give me a lengthy lecture on belts, liquids, cameras etc., presumably on the assumption that I was flying for the very first time.

- I made sure to remove not only my liquids, but also all sorts of other items I leave in my bag at every other airport. I carefully placed them in a tray of their own, neatly spaced.

- After the body scan I got frisked. At AMS this happens 99% of the time, everwhere else 1% of the time.

- The sole agent at secondary was working meticulously and very slowly. As a result, bags backed up all the way to the scanner, and everything came to a shuddering halt. I had plenty of time to look around, and noted that at all the checkpoints for as far as I could see on either side at least half the bags were being sent to secondary.

- After a long wait the belt started moving again. At first I thought that my efforts had paid off, but no, the tray containing only my winter coat was sent to secondary.

- The agent was dealing with a lady whose three trays had all been selected for secondary, but after another long wait a second agent showed up to assist.

- What, was I asked, did I have in my coat pockets? Well, the usual stuff: cellphone, passport, wallets. Did my wallets contain any coins? Unsurprisingly, they did. Might she inspect my wallets? Yeah, fine by me. The various coins in both wallets were then subjected to a careful examination. Now I know that coins can pose a threat to babies if swallowed, but in what way exactly they can endanger an aircraft or its passengers eludes me.

- the coat was for good measure subjected to a explosives trace test.

Only at AMS!

Good grief!

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