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Originally Posted by F 1 View Post
This whole new thing throws a wrench in booking via Google Flights. Prior to BE, you'd click from Google Flights directly to the screen where the chosen flights are prepopulated, then all you have to do is review the fare details and proceed to booking. Now, from Google Flights, you land essentially one screen prior where you have to choose from the various fares offered. I assume that's to allow for the various warning and disclaimers to pop up. It could make booking various mileage/segment runs directly from Google Flights a lot trickier.
The Matrix power-tools script frequently breaks when AC updates their website and dump you into either the first page, or somewhere in the search process. I don't know what other airlines do, but it has not occurred to AC to publish & maintain a stable external interface to the public website into booking flights.

Google has some smart people. It'll get fixed.
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