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LHR on A and B gates - so far excellent! It is working wonderfully - a great improvement on the past.

BRU - operational teething troubles at the moment, especially with the lack of lounge / gate coordination.

The lounge is only 2 minutes walk from the usual departure gate, but so far when the agent in the lounge announces that the aircraft is ready for boarding, by the time you get to the gate all other passengers have already passed through the boarding ticket check! At BRU, usually you are held in a long holding corridor zone waiting for the automatic door to open before actually going down the air bridge to board the aircraft. Therefore effectively, virtually all of the Group 1 and Group 2 passengers are stuck at the end of this holding queue behind all the Group 3,4,5,6 passengers. Just a little better coordination between the lounge and the gate would hopefully remove this issue.

As for the actual boarding process at BRU .... no idea .... i'm always late to see it happen!
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