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The base points:dollars ratio for non-Acela redemptions is 34.5 points per dollar. For Acela the base is 39 points per dollar. The catch for Acela is that trains that were previously within old the time of day blackout period (Monday to Friday departures between about 6am and 9am in the morning and about 4pm and 7pm in the afternoon) are now hit with a surcharge for redemptions - in this case 50%.

For regional #95 , the fare of $68 at 34.5 points per dollar results in a redemption cost of (68 x 34.5) = 2,346 points

For Acela #2153 departing at 6:43 AM (peak hour), the fare of $117 is first multiplied by the Acela base rate (39) then hit with the surcharge (50%) to arrive at (117 x 39 x 1.50) = 6844.5 rounded up (naturally) to 6845.

Trying an off-peak Acela (#2163 at 11:53 AM PVD), the fare is also $117. There is no surcharge for this train, so the redemption cost is (117 x 39) = 4563.

Amtrak also applies surcharges during the old blackout dates, and seemingly whenever else they seem to feel like it at whatever rate they want. What it boils down to is that the fares, both dollars and points, are whatever they are, and we either pay the price or not. .
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