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Originally Posted by YEGTigger View Post
Just had my first experience with Basic Economy in the booking process. Was looking at a YEG-YVR trip in September, and a couple of the flights during the day had BE available. Decided to follow the booking process. AC has made it pretty clear that there is a difference in this fare. When you select Basic Economy, there is an additional page that loads outlining the differences between this and Tango with all the restrictions. You then have to Accept the Basic Economy or can choose to upgrade to Tango at that time.

It's definitely included in the Branded Fares. The fare I selected ended up being a K fare labelled Economy(K). There's also Tango K available on this flight.

What was interesting was the price, because I've been monitoring this for a few weeks. It's a bit of a split. Tango (K) was $170 on this route and time a few weeks ago. It's now $211 for Tango K while Basic Economy K is $111. However, to be fair, the lowest fare on WS for this day and route is now $211 as well. So, not sure if it's just revenue management playing to the competitor that makes the price adjustment.

Anyway, just my two cents.
That is a huge difference in price and makes it more attractive especially for short-haul trips.
However- for altitude members isn't there an option to choose a minimum mile reward for short haul flights in Tango... does this basic economy fare class mean that even those 250miles or whatever it is are lost??

That price difference is huge though, I wonder if that difference (50% cheaper) applies to TPAC/TATL flights.
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