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Fellow travelers,

I just tried my weekly VGC purchase at Wal Mart. The transaction went through, but was then voided for only the VGC portion. I was able to walk out with the rest of my purchase.

The receipt says that the VGC portion will be credited back to my account. Also says debit declined, reason 14, and debit not approved call authoriser.

Amex app shows the full amount pending. I called Amex and they say it went through.

I've been in the game for a year and have never seen this. Please let me know what's up.
I had a similar experience. Bought the GC, it was approved, got the final "SIGNATURE ACCEPTED" screen which is always the completion of the transaction, but when the receipt printed out it said the transaction was reversed and the funds would be credited back to my CC account. So we did it again, same thing. I called the CC cs from the parking lot and they said they didn't deny anything. So after running a couple other errands, went back to WM and got a GC from the BACK of the stack, same GC, same CC, went right through. I think they may have a bad batch of newly stocked GCs, as all the hooks were very full.
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