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PSA: Check those blankets before you use them

Discovered on my amtrak blanket
Currently riding the Silver Star from MIA to PHL. It was a bit cold in my roomette last night despite adjusting the thermostat, so when I woke up around midnight, I grabbed my second (still in plastic packaging) wrapped blanket, tore it open, and spread it out. After asking the attendant to re-prep the cabin, I hauled it off the bed this morning to save as a leg warmer, and discovered it was covered in dried brown ... something-or-other (pic attached). I really hope this isn't what it may look like.

I rushed to the shower and soaped up, but pretty disgusted none-the-less. The weird thing was, I had just watched this segment with Nicole Byer where she found feces in her Delta blanket on a flight before my vacation. I remember thinking, "wow, that's so weird, and must be super rare!" It's possible that that video segment is like "The Ring," and if you watch it you are cursed. If so, apologies in advance. But, PSA: check any bedding in full light before using it.
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