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A return flight from Hong Kong last week, morning departure.

If the all-Asian crew on the flight to Hong Kong was one of the best, the crew serving inbound flight to Helsinki was one of the worst, completely opposite. They were slow, indifferent, even rude. They looked tired and didn’t smile. When you asked something they sighed. Dirty tableware wasn't collected actively. After 3,5 hours I decided to take mine back to galley.

Amuse-bouche consisted of smoked duck, mozzarella and cherry tomato. Tasty. Campari orange that I ordered as an aperitif barely had any orange juice. It was very strong. A flight attendant didn’t know what this cocktail was but I had to tell the recipe. My partner asked for mimosa and the very same flight attendant hadn’t heard about it either.

Appetizer: roast beef, pickled vegetables, and potato and mustard salad. The meat was super dry. Side salad was tasty, more varied than the one served on flights departing Helsinki. Another option was cold smoked salmon and fennel.

Main course: meatballs, rosemary sauce, carrot and potato mash, pickled onions and lingonberry jam. This looked awful but it was very tasty. I could have eaten another one.

Main course: The two other options were chicken with ginger, broccoli and rice or halibut, beetroot and cabbage. My partner had chicken. This is how it looked. It was tasty.

Cheese: cheddar and camembert.

Petit fours: this was listed on a menu and when I requested it I was told by a chief of cabin they had none. I said it’s on the menu. She took my menu and started browsing pages. She said she need to check if they have it. Soon she returned with chocolate praline and cake and explained that the menu is new and that’s why she didn’t know about it. I’m not so sure she was telling the truth since the menu had created to celebrate Finland’s 100th birthday that was last year. Later I found they had wider selection of petit fours in the galley.

Digestif: espresso (listed on the menu) and calvados. When I asked for espresso the chief of cabin told first that the machine is most likely broken. I asked is it normally broken to which she replied: "Yes, in a matter of fact it is." I asked if she could check it. Then she asked if I would prefer cappuccino. ”But it’s just an instant coffee with milk,” she added. No, I wanted to have either espresso or just normal black coffee. She went to galley and returned with espresso. ”The machine wasn’t broken.” Funny. She also brought me a bottle of calvados I had ordered and asked me to open it.

Afternoon tea: a dry bread roll with cheese and ham. There were also cup noodles available.

Meal before landing: Pasta with chicken or pork patties with soya sauce. I chose pasta which was inedible: dry, chewy and it had disgusting taste. Unacceptable for business class. Fuits were good.

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