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Originally Posted by animesh42001 View Post
6/24 (including 3 Business Cards) and 2/12. and 1/12 (Ink Preferred) was chase. And recently I applied for 2 more SW cards.
My hunch is your accounts would be reinstated. Please go back up this thread where I posted a dedicated discussion thread from reddit and see the DPs reported there. Chase definitely does not like rapid succession of applying their cards. Had you space your SW card application for 2 months apart, you would not be caught in this aggressive algorithm.

I am very surprised why people still try to get Chase cards in rapid succession after this has been proven a trigger point since early last year, like almost a year by now.

Originally Posted by Caribgrl View Post
So should **/24 AND **/12 perhaps be taken into account before applying for a Chase card? Or should they have both always been considered as I thought it was just concern over **/24
Definitely so. Please read the reddit thread DPs and get yourself familiar of the term "Bust Out Pattern".

You get 2 subjects mixed up. The 5/24 rule is a hardcoded Chase application restriction on certain Chase cards. Failed to meet that restriction, you are shut out from getting certain Chase cards.
The xx/24 is a metric Chase used in their risk assessment model to decide if they should shut you down, that means ALL your cards.
Completely 2 different matters. People really need to get more understanding on how things work to avoid getting into trouble.

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