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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
I have no clue on what you say "share card". Exactly what you mean?

You do know combining points between accounts are subject to strict rules, right?
share card - they asked if one family member had permission to make a charge on the card and the answer was yes. That is why I suspected it could be the reason - just a guess. Combing points is allowed if you are in the same household. I understand that to mean family/address. I have not seen where they mention authorized user or spouse. My prior question about combining points was just because of the warning "repeatedly opening or otherwise maintaining credit card accounts for the sole purpose of generating rewards" (most people reading this are probably guilty of this - even though everything is legit, with no MS, I just prefer to go unnoticed)

That is off topic though because I don't think it is at all related (points were not combined). Back to my original questions - after an account is closed, do any experts know if there is a time period where it is safe to try again? If this is unknown then the person shutdown will probably just stay away from chase. I will probably still apply when I get under 5/24 (soon) and be conservative
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