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Originally Posted by points1 View Post
Family member did call twice, but the Chase rep would not provide details. Based on the very little info they got we suspect it might be related to sharing the card (with consent). All bills paid on time or early. Any thoughts if they might be black listed. Should they reapply when under 5/24 or wait a couple of years?
How would Chase know if you were sharing the card?

Looking through your prior post, I'm starting to get a better understanding.

Originally Posted by points1 View Post
I want to combine points, but I'm worried about a shutdown. I currently have 400,000 points from multiple cards (myself and spouse). 2 Kids have close to 200,000 each. Will these large transfers trigger a review and a shutdown? According to the combining points terms this is allowed because we are the same family, same address

This is the clause that concerns me "repeatedly opening or otherwise maintaining credit card accounts for the sole purpose of generating rewards) we may temporarily prohibit you from earning points or using points you've already earned. If we believe you've engaged in any of these acts, we'll close your credit card account and you'll lose all your points."
I'm really curious how long a time it took for all the people in a single household to earn 800,000 points. We're the majority of the points from sign up bonuses? Did you also attempt to pool them all in one account?

The terms do state you can transfer to one person who is an authorized user and lives at the same address. Not from multiple people who live at that address. They also state that you can be shut down for opening cards just for the sign up bonus. I'm guessing with 800,000 points there was probably a lot of that going on.

The simple fact that you were concerned about a shutdown before it happened speaks volumes.

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