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Extremely Long Wait Times on the Select Executive Number

So, has anyone else noticed that it seems as though the elite phone lines at AGR don't seem to be actually getting into a faster queue anymore? I'm Select Executive through next spring...well, something changed in the phone system a few weeks ago, and I've gone from getting through within a minute or two (basically, whenever the next agent got off the line) to dealing with wait times in the 15-minute range on a pretty regular basis. This isn't the end of the world, but it is rather a jarring change given that unless I called in during a holiday weekend (e.g. Thanksgiving) I always got a super-quick response time. Has anyone else noticed this?

(P.S. In my scramble to deal with a ticket I totally forgot to use one of my soon-to-expire upgrade cards on the Acela today, and only thought about it after the train left BWI and I was writing this post...though if AGR really wants to have us not need to call in, it'd sure be nice to be able to redeem an upgrade card online if we're logged in. #firstworldproblems )
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