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Originally Posted by HilFly View Post
When I travel my impeccably clean feet are inside my impeccably clean shoes. My hands are touching all kinds of surfaces that disgusting people have touched and yet no one seems to have a problem with hands touching bulkheads, seats and footrests.
Well your shoes and socks and feet might be absolutely clean but will they remain clean after you stepped into someone's pee in the lavatory? So with that shoes now covered in urine you put them on the footrest and then you touch the footrest with your hands?
Imagine there was a passenger having a fungus on his feet and he took of the socks...congrats you now have a pretty good chance to get it too since you are touching all kinds of surfaces with your hands and also barefoot.
To keep my socks on is just self protection.
And as we have heard from others they do clean the areas they touch and come in contact with by themselves to make sure.
It is just true that an airplane is used by hundreds of people and there will be a person sitting in your seat after you and cleaning crew are no cleaning Gods so why is it so hard to keep your feet only on surfaces that were designed to hold them?
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