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Originally Posted by Ber2dca View Post
This doesn't surprise me. I worked for a few years for a hotel chain and there sure were quite a few interesting stories related to rather unfortunate behavior by guests with sometimes quite disturbing consequences.

I guess it's the same for most jobs where you have to deal with people who take no ownership of their actions and fear no repercussions for them either or with the mess they leave behind. A lot of people when they travel act as if the whole thing is somehow separate from who they are in their normal lives. As a result they often show their worst sides. It's funny for me because as I got around more and saw more of the world, I became more of a cynic about people than I was as a kid. I don't want to blow it out of proportion or get too metaphysical here, but 'darkness' in people is a real thing and if you come across it in clear view, it tends to open your eyes a bit.
Very well said, it indeed changed my perspective a bit.
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