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I am always shocked when my friends who have worked for BA for a long, long time (since the 1990s) explain to me who their new bosses are: always under the age of 35 (often under 30) with NO experience on the ground or in the air whatsoever. I believe that the person in charge of many crucial aspects of service at T5 is from Purchasing, which was his first and only job - straight out of university, 5 years ago.

That's the real issue with cost cutting - not food, not BOB, but with inexperienced staff who are in WAY over their heads. You simply can't mask that.
Just look at M&S on board. I've worked for a couple of teeny tiny charter airlines, whose entire catering department was just one person (who also did 10 other jobs) and I have never worked with such a useless product onboard. Poor loading, rubbish product selection, useless payment devices, and very little has changed in over a year. And yet we receive weekly emails telling us just how wonderful the Emperor's new clothes are. We have four service hallmarks introduced by Frank van der Post. We have added an unofficial fifth, "It is what it is". That's pretty much how we (and our long suffering passengers) are feeling. Apparently the disastrous new Club Europe service is being relaunched a little over a year after it was introduced. Says it all really.........Good luck to us all.
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