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Originally Posted by orbitmic View Post
Hmm... people are of course entitled to post anything they wish (within the known limits which are fully respected here) on FT, but for what it's worth, I find that whole array of 'shaming' photos rather morbid. Do they depict behaviours which I would rather not see? Absolutely. To be honest, however, I don't see what they add to the discussion. I think all of us have enough experience of flying and enough imagination to know exactly what is referred to if anyone wants to discuss whether people should refrain from putting their shoes on the bulkhead, picking their bare toes in the lounge or leaving bras on seats, all of which are perfectly interesting questions, in my personal view without a need for visual illustration or shaming the culprits.
That is a very interesting point of view. Maybe it is time to ban all pictures here - be it of people who clearly are uncouth if not without manners or tedious interminable Trip Reports. I am being quite serious as I do think that you do have a point. On balance, I have to say that I think that a lot of people would have been hard put to believe some of the ill-bred behaviour had there not been pictures. I notice that faces were not visible so no one was shamed. Frankly one might doubt that they would feel any sense of shame as to them it is perfectly acceptable, and indeed they may be surprised that others are not. I often recall that man in F some years ago, who thought that it was perfectly acceptable to start cutting his toe nails. One piece flew through the air and landed in someone's drink. He could not have done that had he tried, but the exchange that took place and that involved me as I was serving the drink. Nowadays someone would have been filming that on their phone and I am afraid that I would have thought that it would have served him right had it come on here for all to see.

I think that you've touched on a very interesting and moot point. I felt that when I saw the photographs of a senior member of BA Cabin Crew who I know in some rather derogatory "trip report" the other day here on FT. I am certain that he did not give his permission for this to be published on the internet - his face was there for all to see and he happened to be doing his job. Where does one draw the line? I say that secure in the knowledge that I will not post any such thing because I am not sure how to post pictures here and secondly I'm not sure that I want to. I'm to busy enjoying my life to want to be bothered.
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