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Originally Posted by Oakshadow View Post
Booked a 1-flight one-way as a Gold late last month for mid-February travel and now I'm a kettle. When I booked I paid for MCE at the Gold discount price and selected a seat. Out of habit I clicked the "request an upgrade" box (had/have enough 500 upgrade certs). There's no option online to "un-click" the upgrade request.

My concern is I will get the upgrade (it happens to Golds sometimes!), the GA realizes I'm a kettle and bumps me down to a regular economy seat and then offers me MCE at full price, should an MCE seat even be available. Could this actually happen?

My secondary concern is that I'm not upgraded, but the GA might see I'm a kettle and downgrades me from MCE to regular economy because I didn't pay the kettle MCE price. Is this a possibility of happening?

If either scenario happens, could I get a refund on my MCE reservation?
I think your concern on the first point is more likely than the second one, in any case you are covered by the terms and conditions if that happens:
  • American Airlines reserves the right to assign or reassign a Main Cabin Extra or a Preferred seat at any time, for operational, safety or security reasons. In situations where this occurs and you're not reseated into a like seat you will be eligible for a refund.
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