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My wife and I have twins who will be 11 months old when we take a family holiday in Florida later this year year. We're booked on the bucket-and-spade LGW-MCO which is a 3-class 772.

When trying to select seats, I notice that we are unable to take the E/F positions in rows 4 or 11 (where single bassinets are located). This is because there are apparently only 5 oxygen masks for the 4 seats. This leaves us with the following options:
1. We each take a bassinet (4E and 11E) - not ideal.
2. We take one bassinet, say 4E, then the other person sits in 4B. (They we just hope nobody sits in 4D!)
3. Any other options that I'm missing?

I also have the option of going in and out on the 747 to MIA (which I think is a 70J config) but don't know if this would be any better?

Any thoughts gratefully received!

The 2nd option is probably your best bet, as at least you'll all be close to each other. However, even if 4D remains vacant, you are still not permitted to move an infant there with an adult. You can't have 6 people in a row where there are 5 masks; the crew won't allow it and it's not going to end well in the event of a decompression.
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