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Originally Posted by stephem View Post
There is a slight more expensive LA IEEEV38Q JNB-MIA fare, that allows routing back through Europe and I priced it with JJ ZEEEV58Q MIA-JNB on the outbound, then stopping in MAD with the more expensive LA fare and it comes out to $2800. That's a really good deal for a circle Atlantic of sorts. The complete routing on the return is JNB-MAD-BOG-MIA, IB metal for the first two segments and AA for the last one. It's also possible to do JNB-LHR-MAD on BA metal but this is more since I think it exceeds MPM. Only the MAD-BOG segment needs to have the LA code on it. There are also some odd things that can be done, like routing through NYC and getting EWR-GRU on UA on the outbound or either LH or LX metal to Europe for the return. The more expensive fare definitely has more tricks in it.
Is that a JNB-MIA fare or MIA-JNB fare? If you start in MIA, what is the routing through MAD?
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