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Originally Posted by lobo411 View Post
I think that lets LA World Airports off way too easy. Ontario International is about 40 miles outside of DTLA, and there's a straight shot public right of way along the I-10 corridor. LA has managed or owned ONT since 1967 (only recently returning control to Ontario). Anyone could have predicted that LAX would become overcrowded, and it should have been obvious that the difficulty of acquiring land around LAX would make expansion impractical.

LAWA could and should have dramatically expanded ONT and built a dedicated rail line from ONT to DTLA. It should have treated ONT like one of the region's major airports, but instead LAWA treated it like a colony to be exploited. Considering how badly LAWA managed things, I think LAX's bad rep is well earned.
having multiple major airports (eg international etc) in a single city is rarely practical; the biggest challenge for LAX is complete lack of any public transportation infrastructure and this is outside LAWA control.. there are many issues that contribute to current mess and it's unlikely to get bette
ONT is no different from arguably much better positioned BUR, SNA which still can only support WN type domestic travel. Given a choice any major carrier will still pick LAX to benefit from international connections.
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