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Originally Posted by 0bsidian View Post
The Thai Four Seasons resorts are, in my opinion, among the best FS resorts globally and punch above their weight (I also have good hopes for the upcoming FS BKK).
In particular I would definitely not consider anything else in Koh Samui.
Let them know it's your honeymoon in advance and they will take good care of you.
Completely agree with this statement. My wife and I spent our honeymoon hoping around Thailand staying in multiple Four Seasons properties. Can't say enough good things about FS Samui. The hard product was outstanding and service was very good. Only drawback was the food in the restaurants minus breakfast and the Once in Blue Moon dinner was rather average. Although with the exception of FS Kyoto and FS Seattle I find the food at most FS properties average. The setup on the beach is quite good as there's Wifi and each seat has a call button for service thus you don't have to wait long for a beverage or snack. We spent a week and never left the property. I recommend doing the Muay Thai lesson. Expensive but fun and a good workout.
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