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Originally Posted by zqsn5678 View Post
I have done a bit more digging on this forum and found Mario de' Fiori has been recommended by Perch, and it's within our budget!

Is Hotel Degli Artisti in Rome recommonded to first time visitors?

Has as anyone stayed at Residenza Castiglioni in Florence? Any first hand experience in terms of location and safety or the sourrounding?
Degli Artisti is a fine hotel. I always go by, "do they have the basics, so that I'm reasonably comfortable, but more importantly, where is the location. It is a fine hotel, but remember, Rome is the City of Seven Hills. It's on top of one of them. To get from the hotel you have to walk to the Spanish Steps, and walk down. To get back to it, you have to walk up the Spanish Steps. You mentioned bringing elderly parents. They'd better be spright. And you have to go up or down the Spanish Steps and get to central historic Rome, because there is nothing in the neighborhood of the hotel. It's a nice hotel, and I could do this. I also know how to go around the Spanish Steps and just walk up the hill. That's not going to work for you. It's either up and down the Spanish Steps, or take a taxi. Most people like to look at the Spanish Steps, not have to climb up and down them. Don't go by hotels that say, "close to the Forum, close to the Colosseum, close to the Vatican. It's not true. I don't take the train when I go to the Vatican, I walk. But it's not close. It's a big city, and not too many things are close. It requires a fair amount of walking. Bulls eye is the Pantheon. That's the place that puts you in much in the center of things as you can be. Degli Artisti is about a 20 minute walk to the Pantheon.

Residenza Castiglioni is OK, just remember, when it says residenza, it is not a hotel. It is a B&B, so don't expect the same experience as staying in a hotel. It's fine, nothing wrong with it. Unlike Rome, the historic center of Florence is compact. It happens to be too near the train station for my taste, but not right at the train station. I think of Ponte Vecchio as my ground zero there, or Piazza della Republica, and the train station being the worst zone. Once you get past the Duomo and keep heading for the train station, you get rapid deterioration. This is in that zone, past the Duomo, a few minutes walk from the train station. It's perfectly acceptable, maybe a 15 minute walk to Ponte Vecchio, but since you are staying at the Waldorf in Rome, I'm assuming that budget wise you can be in a better location in Florence. Also, consider that many people choose a hotel just on the other side or the Arno River, in Altrano, close to Ponte Vecchio. It's a little more authentic and away from the tourists than staying down the block from the train station.
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