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Originally Posted by Foo Foo McGoo View Post
Is funding Serve with an AmEx credit card subject to any fees on either end? Either loading fees by Serve? Or cash advance fees on the credit card?
Check the fee schedule of the Serve card you signed up for. There are those with fees to load, others have none. NO cash advance fees on CC to buy the VGC you use to load.

Related question: if I have an AmEx Business Rewards Gold card that I'm working on the minimum spend for, is there any reason why I shouldn't use it to fund a Serve account? And then use the Serve account's free Bill Pay feature to pay my monthly rent? Total rent cost is $1K, so I figure I can load that all on to Serve over five days ($200/day), and just eat the $1/month as a cost of doing business.
it has been a while that it has been reported that all Amex cards do NOT work for the min spend requirement even if you can use it to load Serve. It is best to do organic spend for ALL amex cards to ensure you get your bonus.
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