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Originally Posted by When I Travel The World View Post
Sorry, it's not supposed to be rude, I honestly just find the Watershed Cafe more like a coffee shop than a place for 30 people wanting to have a social event. (just my view though) The tables are small and have 4 seats around them and there are a few benches, so when you throw in a group of 30 on a Saturday at an already busy place it becomes very crowded.
Honestly I don't mean to come across as rude or imposing, Please feel free to google Watershed Cafe and make your own judgement.

The Bars I suggested are big and have plenty of space, I just thought it might give people more of a chance to talk. I don't mind being told to shut up and mind my own business and just go along with the plan, but it was just a suggestion and nothing againts any of the fine work BotB has put in.

BotB - Sorry I did not mean to Hijack your plans, I'm more than happy to chill at the Watershed, I will just have to buy you a beer now !
No offence taken on my part, please see my post above yours. I'm very much of the opinion that this will let people have their cake and eat it too...we can cater to both, no need to do just one and I'm hoping that equal numbers will go both ways satisfying everyone!...I'll never say no to a pint but no need just for that!

Originally Posted by PETER01 View Post
A good number of people attending this gathering BotB, well done for organising this Do. And to be clear I am having chips with my steak and not 'fries'

I now can't remember if I ordered Fillet or Sirloin but confirming I will have a fillet steak please.
Thanks for the kind words, my pleasure! To be clear: You did originally ask for Sirloin, done medium and with chips and peas...I'll change it to Fillet if you wish? (please confirm either way! Thanks!) And, while we're at it...did you book your hotel yet?
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