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Thanks everyone for the comments and discussion. My own view is that variety is the spice of life, and having options is always a good thing.

So, I think it is brilliant for those that do want to try one or two pints of local ale and would otherwise not explore a bit before the meal, I would just ask that people are responsible and don't overdo it and come to the meal late or totally wrecked! We're all adults and indeed I know from the last DO there was a good few that went and continued together having a few drinks around Bristol, so this will also be an option after the meal but again, no issue with the idea of some meeting up and going for a drink or two at local pubs before the meal.

For others, after the museum, they may be tired as they have travelled that day or simply want to do their own thing and meet us just before going to the steakhouse without having to figure out 'is that the FT group?' in a bar...Please remember that not everyone loves the limelight and It can be daunting to arrive directly at a meal venue as the last person with 20+ people turning their heads towards you! (FT is full of various types, extroverts and those that are perhaps shy at first)...The Watershed is only a possibility for people to come and sit or stand and have a drink (whether alcoholic or non, no pressures either way) and meet a few people before we go as a group to SOTA. Last time we were there with around 15 - 20 people and the first area just before the bar can easily handle this and I'll annex the area and display FT signs...that makes it easy for anyone that pops along as the time suits them between 18:30 and 19:30 so there is no rush and they have a fixed marker to enjoy the evening. For the more adventurous types or those that simply want to get out and explore a bit and enjoy a pint...the alternative of a quick pint or two in two local bars is excellent, however, I wouldn't want to just say everyone meet us that way or at the restaurant...From experience, the DO's bring together all sorts and this multiple option setup should hopefully cater to all...in the end we all love travelling and flying and just as we each have a favourite seat or corner of the lounge, we'll each have our own preferences before a meal...long may that continue, just mind the Minimum Conformance Time for the meal...19:45 at the latest so we can ensure everyone is there and no one is lost or missing and that we enjoy the meal as a group and then can carry on in smaller single aisle configurations to destinations within Bristol.

Hope that clears the air and allows all an option that suits them!

Back to the matter at hand...4 weeks exactly until the day...and roughly 2 weeks until I will be chasing you for food choices and arranging any car sharing so please do think about this in the meantime if you get a minute. Thanks!

Anyone else wish to join this multitasking, diverse group of aviation fans? Open to all, come for the museum visit, the meal or even just to have a pint or say hi!

Safe travels,

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