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Originally Posted by mastermc54 View Post
I think they should have gone with 5000 and 10,000 points redemptions. As Loyalty Lobby points out, 15,000 points is valued at over $100, and I'm sure some people will be bamboozled redeeming for this level thinking they're getting a deal when cash equivalent rates at some of the properties are about the same or even lower.

I see in the sneak preview that for example Helsinki city centre HI is now 15k. Seriously? This is so dull place to stay that for 100$ you most often get so much better properties by cash in Helsinki. I would book 5k for this just as backup, but never 15k, ever unless there is a mass-event in Helsinki and all hotels sold out!
Another on peek list is CP Berlin Potsdamer, all hotels in Berlin are so cheap that there is nothing specific at this CP which would make me book this for 15k, never!

Even if the old 5k model was getting lousier every time, I liked it anyhow for booking just cheap "overnights" just to get a bed, but I am not that convinced about this 5-10-15 model before I see which properties they pull up. Live and let's see.
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