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I was not sure on the work situation but looks like I can now attend YAY !!! I have an the pass to the museum so no need to put me down for a ticket.

Also I'm a beer lover. As I have lived in Bristol for 30 years I have some experience on the Beer places. I see the pre drinks have been approached as the Watershed, Don't get me wrong, it's a nice place, but the drinks selection is not great and very generic, sort of like a weatherspoons, I was just thinking that people might want to drink more local beer and enjoy what we have to offer over a chain, though I could be wrong.
Also 30 guys in the Watershed Cafe is going to be tight, and we might be super loud and annoying, compared to everyone else in there.

If the group wants to I can take you all on a mini pub crawl before dinner to some of the best places in town for beer, they are all near the steak restaurant, but might just be a bit more lively for 30 + people.
Just a suggestion, and feel free to tell me NO and shut up !!!

I offer you Beer from 18.30 - 19.30

A quick beer at Brew Dog (yes commercial, but its on route and cheap good beer)

then onto Small Bar

And then proceeding onto restaurant,

Let me know.

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