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Originally Posted by ZbadhabitZ View Post
Sorry to revive this thread and be tangential, but I was curious if someone could shed some light on at what time the airline will stop selling seats and make them available for upgrade? I.E. on my upcoming flight, I am on the standby list for a mileage upgrade from a low-fare coach ticket to Business. There is one business class seat available for purchase, and six first class seats available for purchase, per AA.com. At some point, I assume the Business -> First upgrades will clear, potentially opening up business seats that could allow my upgrade to clear. Am I right in that logic, and if so, how far in advance does this usually occur?
Relying on even an educated guess as to your chances of an upgrade on a particular flight is folly. That's like saying: "Usually the light is green when I get to that intersection, but sometimes it's red. Will I see red or green today?".

How can you get in a business class seat?

99.99 % Guaranteed: (No seat is really guaranteed, read the Contract of Carriage.)

Buy a business class ticket.
Buy a coach ticket, knowing that business class upgrades are available, then immediately call to get the miles+copay confirmed upgrade. How would you know? Expert Flyer.

Not guaranteed:

Wait list for e-stickers 500 mile upgrades.
Wait list for miles+co-pay upgrades.

Dirty Harry says: Do you feel lucky?
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