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Again, what law requires me to carry proof of citizenship at all times as a US citizen?
No law that I am aware of however:
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Federal regulations give Customs and Border Protection wide-ranging authority to operate within 100 miles of any U.S. border. About two-thirds of the United States population live within 100 miles of a U.S. land or coastal border. The entire state of Florida is within such a zone.

Within these boundaries, Border Patrol can, without a warrant, interrogate or arrest any person that they have reason to believe is in the country illegally and is likely to escape before an arrest warrant can be obtained.The Immigration and Nationality Act also states that immigration officers can, without a warrant and “within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States” board and search for undocumented immigrants “in any vessel within the territorial waters of the United States and any railcar, aircraft, conveyance, or vehicle."
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Yeah good advice
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