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Originally Posted by JumboJet View Post
That is a pretty big leap. And no I don't think I should have to carry ID at all times but when I get on public transportation I figure there is a possibility I may have to. Especially in an area like Southern Florida. I didn't hear it on the video but I'm pretty sure there was a huge sigh of relief when they just took her.
If I'm not mistaken visitors to the U.S. are required to carry their Passport and Visa documents. 18 year old and older Green Card holders are required to carry their Green cards. Almost all other people have something with their name on it, Drivers License, SSN card, Medicare card of some other form of possible ID should a situation present that producing ID beats the available alternatives.

The underlying issue of uncontrolled, undocumented immigration will be painful to some but is fully justified and that is all this officer was doing, enforcing the law.
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